Dell takes forever to ship

And doesn't even tell you when they will ship your laptop. I bought a Precision M6700 for $2,200 on October 19th and it still has not shipped. I called dell and the representative had no information about my laptop and said that I would get an email in 24 to 48 hours with tracking information. Why did I wait this long and not receive anything in 2 weeks?

I ordered a computer from Dell on the 19th of October, 2015. It is now late November, 2015 and I still have no information about my package. The customer service representatives were aware that this was beyond the standard shipping time (and I made them check before they told me). They said that they would be shipping my package in a few days, and that I would receive an email in 24 to 48 hours with the tracking information.  I have yet to receive this email, and it has been 2 weeks. Is there a reason that Dell tries to be sneaky about shipping times?

Why does dell take so long to ship 2021?

Dell's shipping time is slow because they have a lot of orders to process

Dell announced October 5th, 2015 that they have received orders for more than 12.5 million laptops this year, which was ten percent higher than 2014. This is impressive until you remember that dell sold 16.6 million laptops in 2012 (IBM sold more at 20.1 million). As of content writing Dell has not seen a decline in sales, but a ten percent increase is not the same as doubling their sales. As of 2018 Dell has risen to be one of the largest many laptop producers but still trails significantly behind Apple and its macbook sales. The reason that Dell takes so long to ship is because they have been experiencing a high demand for laptops for quite some time and have been consistently struggling to keep up with the demand.

Dell has a lot of competition from other computer companies like apple

Dell has recently been struggling to keep up with Apple's sales of macbooks, leaving them unable to fill orders in the amount of time they used to. The reason Dell is so far behind is because customers are now looking for computers that are more than just functional. This is evident by the number of customers who purchase apple or hp computers over dell. Dell's biggest struggle is that they are a computer company who sells laptops, and this industry has taken a turn away from powerful computers with large hard drives to sleeker, more efficient laptops that take up minimal space.

Dell outsources their shipping to a third party company that cannot handle the demand

Dell has recently switched their shipping process to a company called Fed-Ex. Dell has also decided to use the more expensive option of two day shipping instead of standard ground shipping which they used to offer. This means that dell is not receiving any financial gains with this new fangled change in their shipping, but  they have decided to do this because Fed-Ex has a much more extensive shipping network than any other company out there. Dell's struggle with their new shipment process is that they are not entirely sure if Fed-Ex can keep up with the increase in demand for laptops, leaving them with an enormous back log of orders.


Dell has been struggling to keep up with the demand for laptops, which leads to a huge backlog of orders. This is why it takes Dell so long ship and why they never tell you when they will ship your laptop.

Dell's shipping process is too complicated and their communication with customers lacks transparency .


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